Total Quality Management :

All products of 'AKC Steel' have to meet a very high standard, set by stringent quality specifications and norms. A wide range of destructive and non-destructive tests are carried out in AKC's own sophisticated laboratory and test centers to ensure consistent quality. All process parameters and conditions are developed and constantly monitored throughout the entire manufacturing process.

Quality Control measures include chemical analysis, measurement of mechanical  and metallurgical properties and close dimensional tolerances.


Chemical Testing for all elements by spectrometer and wet analysis method.
Macro testing
Microscopic test for grain size, inclusion rating & decarb.
Universal testing machine for tensile, elongation, yield and bend.
Izod testing
Ultrasonic testing
Magna Flux crack detection
Spark Testing

Naturally, quality control remains as a major driving force to achieve reliability, confidence & world-class quality for all that 'AKC' stands for.

Reliable Quality

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