Chemical Analysis   As per ASTM / DIN / JIS / BS / IS standards and special customer requirement of restricted chemistry
Internal Soundness   Confirm to grade C2, R2, S2 max. as per ASTM E 381
Austenetic Grain Size   Carburising Steel: MC-Quaid Ehn 5-8 (ASTM).
Non Carburising Steel: ASTM 5-8 (Oxydising).
Inclusion Rating   A-2.5 B-2.5, C-2.5, D-2.5 (Thin Series and Thick Series) as per ASTM E 45-1997, (For Sulphur steels A-2.5 Thin Max).
Mechanical Testing
  • Tensile Testing
  • Impact Testing
  As per customers specification.

As per customers specification.
Micro Structure   As per customers specification
Surface (Hot Rolled Bar)   Surface defects max. 1.5% of section dimension or 0.5mm whichever is less

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