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1ST December, 2012

Dear Shareholders,

You are aware that the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (“MCA”) vide its Circulars bearing No.17/2011 dated 21st April, 2011 and No. 18/2011 dated 29th April, 2011 initiated “Green Initiative” by allowing paperless compliances by the Companies to serve requisite documents to its members in electronic mode in compliance with Sections 53 of the Companies Act, 1956 read with Sections 2, 4, 5,13,8 and 11 of the Information Technology Act, 2000.

Accordingly, we request you to register your e-mail id on-line with the Company as per the format given below & submit the same at the earliest so that all requisite documents such as Notices of General Meetings, Annual Report and other communications, if any, can be sent to you through e-mail. Please note that all such documents shall also be available on the Company’s website www.akcsteel.in.

You are also requested that in case of any change in your e-mail id or any other details, please e-mail us the details at contact@akcsteel.in or e-mail to our RTA (Maheshwari Datamatics Pvt. Ltd.) at mdpldc@yahoo.com. In case of shares held in electronic form, you are requested to inform your Depository Participant as well. Please be informed even if you opt for electronic mode of receipt of the aforesaid documents, you shall be entitled to receive a copy of the above said documents and all other documents as required by law upon receipt of requisition from you, any time, as member of the Company, free of cost.

We solicit your valuable appreciation and co-operation in your Company’s effort to make the ‘Green Initiative’ a success.

Thanking you,
Yours faithfully
For AKC Steel Industries Ltd.

(R.K.Sahoo )
Company Secretary

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