Bright Steel (Cold Drawn Bars) is the generic term given to a hot rolled bar which is then processed in a cold state through tungsten carbide drawing dies to improve its surface finish - smooth, free from scale; dimensional accuracy, straightness and mechanical properties.

We produce Bright Bars having close tolerance in peeled, ground or drawn conditions, offering full range of Bright Steel Bars (Bright Steel Shaftings) used for making shafts, machine parts, tools, automobile spares, etc. as per standard BS, ASTM, DIN, JIS or another specification as customers requirement. We ensure high quality, dimensional accuracy and bright finish.

Production Range for Bright Bars
 Drawn Bar


 Round 10 75
 Square 14 65
 Hexagonal 12 60
 Flat (width) 20 100
       (thickness) 05 40

 Peeled & Ground Bars
 Rounds - 10mm to 76mm
               Size tolerance as per h9 & h11

Square Bars Hexagonal Bars
Engineering Standards


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